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Drafting table with painting essentials.

Table +Bench

Keeping essentials in easy reach.

+bookcases are not just for books

an image of the bench with art supplies.

The Bench

Where paint supplies reside +room for a still life

paper storage drying rack and paper cutter.

Storage +Drying Rack

Paper - a supply one does not wish to run out of

+a place to dry the watercolor paintings

Reading corner with rolling library shelf and rocking chair.

A Reading Corner

A quiet space to read or ponder

a closeup of a watercolor painting and palette on the drafting table.

Painting Essentials

A Drafting Table is where painterly watercolors are created.

To the right of the painting area (since I am right handed) are the essential painting tools.

tea caddy being used as watercolor paint storage


Tea jars +Tea Caddy makes wonderful storage for paint tubes. The closet is home to pantry drawers for various mediums.

Painting supplies watercolor pigments laying out Elizabeth's (the artist behind LZBTH Creative) color palette of choice.

Paint Supplies

Without them, Art wouldn't happen. Ceramic dishes are a favorite for mixing puddles of color. A limited palette for traveling.

storage closet with Itoya portfolios holding watercolor paintings.

Finished Paintings

Storage system that makes efficient use of a wire shelf in a closet.

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