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  • Elizabeth Reich

Why Undertake a 30 Day Challenge

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Elizabeth's Takeaways from participating in World Watercolor Month for Four Years!

  • Create or build a creative habit

  • Get yourself out of your comfort zone

  • Try something new

  • Self-Discovery

  • Practice a singular skill

  • Practice a particular genre of painting (e.g. landscapes, florals, animals)

  • Get better using a particular tool for your craft

  • To connect with other artists

  • New projects or series may be born from the challenge

  • You might discover where your creative time goes ( then see first bullet)

For 2021 World Watercolor Month the goal was to work on the elements of a landscape painting and create a toolbox of techniques to use in creating these elements. Above is just a sampling of creative work, worked on throughout July, while following the prompts. More can be found on Facebook or Instagram where the handle is: @lzbthcreative

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