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  • Elizabeth Reich

Welcoming Winter, the Holidays, and Happy Birthday December!

I have called my artwork: Hope too

Because I have a smaller version of the paperwhite watercolor painting I called Hope. Which I felt is fitting for December's birth flower that closes one year and begins the next. This painting is in the style of Chinese brush painting.

December's Birth Month Flower: Paperwhite

For December the birth flower is Paperwhite, also known by its Genus: Narcissus (from the Greek). Its botanical name is Narcissus Papyraceus. The narcissus is part of the Amaryllidaceae family. The Paperwhite is often confused with the Daffodil. The daffodil's botanical name is Narcissus and is the birth flower for March.

After sorting that out, how are they different?

  • Paperwhite's trumpets are shorter

  • Flowers are bright white

  • Produce clusters of flowers on a stem

  • Their scent is known to permeate a room if grown indoors.

  • They are native to the Mediterranean region

  • Popular across the globe

  • Are one of the oldest known flowers.

  • Paperwhite's name is derived from its characteristically delicate petals. Some describe them as paper thin.

Symbolism of the Paperwhite

This flower is long associated with the story of the Greek God Narcissus. It tends to have several meanings from this story, including:

  • rebirth

  • humility

  • respect

  • loyalty

The white color has its own symbolism, that of:

  • youthful innocence

  • kindness

  • understanding

  • faith and honesty

The Victorians symbolism for the Paperwhite was "you are the only one." A bouquet expressed pure or unconditional love.

A symbol of the New Year for both the Kurdish tradition and the Chinese New Year. Because it is one of the first flowers to bloom in late winter. Cancer organizations use this flower as a symbol of hope.

Happy Birthday to You if December is your birthday month.

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Thank you for visiting and reading.

Your painterly Artist,


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