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Welcoming Spring and Happy Birthday April

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The spring Equinox was the 20th of March, by the 26th I had had enough of the roller coaster temperatures and planted some seeds – peas, beans, squash, and potatoes. I was also ready to bring more spring colors to my paintings and April's birth month flowers challenged me to accomplish that.

April's Birth Month Flowers: Sweet Pea and Daisy

Sweet Peas are related to beans and other legumes, a close relative to the crop pea, however it is not edible. It is was discovered in Italy in the late 1600s by a monk, who is said to have sent the seeds to botanist Dr. Robert Uvedale who began the sweat peas' spread in Europe. Genus Lathyrus odoratus Family Fabaceae (legumes), there are hundreds of varieties and a wide range of colors (I can attest to this after searching for reference photos).

Daisies are native to Europe and Africa and belong to the aster family, Asteraceae, that includes sunflowers. Its scientific name, Compositae, was classified in the late 1700s by German botanist Paul Dietrich Giseke. Daisies date back to Egyptian gardens and were used for medicine.

Symbolism of Sweet Pea and Daisy Flowers

A Sweet Pea bouquet in flower language means goodbye, thank you, good wishes, kindness, gratitude and friendship. Their scent is likened to oranges or jasmine and at one point were placed in pockets to provide fragrance to clothing. In France this flower has been a tradition as gifts for the bride and is scene as providing luck.

Did you know the center eye of the Daisy is a flower too? Known as a disc floret. The daisy has two flowers – when you include the outer petals. Because of this the daisy has been a symbol of true love, (anyone with a Princess Bride movie clip running in their head?). Daisy lore goes as far back as the Celtics. It seems the word Daisy is bellis in Latin, from the nymph Belides who turned herself into a daisy to escape the god Vertumnus' affections. He was the god of gardens and seasons. It is also attributed to the words "day's eye" influenced by the English daisy that opens during the day and closes at night. Daisies are about keeping secrets, love, innocence and new beginnings.

I wanted to bring these two flowers together as bouquet (aka a posy), they have beautiful symbolic sentiment for the beginning of spring, and looking for contrast I sought out vintage color palettes for the sweet pea, I have called this one Promising Beginnings.

Happy Birthday to You, if April is your birthday month.

This painting will be available as art prints, wall décor and a wide assortment of products delivered to your home from my Society6 store.

To view the new art click the button above.

The watermark will not appear on your art prints.

If you wish to learn more about these flowers my resource of information was:

Your Painterly Artist,


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