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  • Elizabeth Reich

The Marigold Celebrates

If October is your birth month, Happy Birthday!

This post is all about October's birth month flower, the Marigold. Since this flower is often associated with death, I wanted to find out why.

The answer:

Marigold flowers play a role in Day of the Dead rituals. This holiday is observed in Mexico, where the marigold has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. What I know about the Day of the Dead I would argue it is more of a bittersweet celebration.

October Birth Month Flower: Marigolds

Marigolds are a member of the Aster family, Asteraceae. Their genus is: Tagetes these three types can be misleading:

  • French (only because they became popular in French gardens)

  • African (because they were brought through northwest Africa along trade routes)

  • Pot Marigolds are of the calendula family, and are not marigolds.

October's birth flower, the vintage annual plant—Signet Marigold—brings Autumn colors to life. With varying color combinations of yellows, oranges and reds.

Other names for the Tagetes tenuifolia

  • Lemon Marigold

  • Signet Marigold

  • Striped Mexican Marigold

Symbolism of the Signet Marigold

  • Were once known as Mary's gold, might have been named for the Virgin Mary.

  • Due to their strong smell, Marigolds were once thought to be poisonous.

  • The colors and petals represent rays, and had this flower associated with the Sun.

  • Viewed as a guide to the afterlife, even associated with resurrection.

  • In the past the marigold flower was associated with death and grief. Most now view these flowers as optimistic and full of cheer and joy.

  • Greek and Romans found medicinal purposes for these flowers, as well as a use in dying fabrics and creating cosmetics.

  • Deer and Rabbits tend to be repelled by this plant.

Created five years ago, my marigold flower painting remains a favorite. The warm colors of the marigold flower contrast beautifully with their threadlike leaves. The green leaves have a hint of blue, cooling them. Creating a warm-cool color contrast. I decided to focus on the color story, skip the leaves, and focus on the five petal flower.

Happy Birthday to You if October is your birthday month.

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May your autumn days be colorful.

Your Painterly Artist,


If you wish to learn more about this flower my resources of information were:

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