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Golden Flower

If November is your birth month, Happy Birthday!

This post is all about November's birth month flower, the Chrysanthemum.

November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemums

The word Chrysanthemum is from two Greek words:

chrys meaning golden

anthemion meaning flower

With this in mind I sought out reference photos with golden colored flowers. Their name is also shortened to Mums, and are of the genus Chrysanthemum. Mums bring to mind the sun's rays stretching through the sky.

Found at Morgue Files (free photographs for commercial use website) a variety of flowers falling under the search Chrysanthemum. I learned later that there are over a thousand varieties! I found a few I liked, decided to focus on a bright yellow one that filled the photograph.

a golden yellow chrysanthemum bursting like the sun's rays ona background of variegated green.
Chrysanthemum, Golden Flower, November Birth Flower

Mums are celebrated in Japan with the Festival of Happiness.

References of these flowers date back to the 15th century B.C. in Asia.

The Chinese believe Mums can prevent gray hair (wish I knew this sooner).

Confucius suggested these flowers as an object for meditation.

Most are edible, but don't pluck straight from the garden. Instead visit an Asian market for tea or leaves to cook or eat in your salad.

This brings back a memory of my husband bringing flowering tea back from China.

I think it was chrysanthemum, and remember it tasting like chamomile tea.

A mockup of Chrysanthemum, Golden Flower, Modern Black Framed Art Print above a round, golden table with a gray chair.
Chrysanthemum, Golden Flower, Modern Black Framed Art Print

Symbolism of the Chrysanthemum

  • In Chinese culture it is 1 of 4 noble plants, the Mum represents fall and nobility.

  • In China they are seen to represent luck and wealth.

  • Mums are often given during the Chinese New Year celebration.

  • In most parts of the United States this flower represents joy and optimism.

  • The Victorians saw yellow representing sorrow, and used this flower to decorate funeral homes.

  • Mums can repel mosquitoes!

Happy Birthday to You if November is your birthday month.

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May your autumn days continue to be colorful, and find you staying warm.

Your Painterly Artist,


If you wish to learn more about this flower my resources of information were:

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