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Envisioning Artworks as Gallery Wall Collection

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

An eclectic and fun trio of artwork pulled together by frame color and arguably place. Birch Tree in Spring and Whimsical Chameleon were inspired by what I saw in Helsinki Finland. The yellow and green in the birch tree painting are a field of daffodils.

So I brought in Daffy for Spring, even though this daffodil was inspired by the ones that bloom throughout my neighborhood.

Using the metal frame for the birch tree painting allows the height to balance with two smaller works, and I think the contrast in frame weight really lets the birch tree painting grab your attention.

Just like the field of daffodils and white tree trunks did when I first caught a glimpse of them in the park.

For those that love landscape paintings I decided to visit the South Carolina Field Series and bring a taste of the season's together.

Using framed mini art allows this collection to fit into a space less than a foot wide and tall.

I started with a winter scene since January is mid winter, and the beginning of the year. Moving into the wintry or spring rains with the occasional break. Then onto summer that seems to carry-on into fall here in the South.

This next one is For the Birds and anyone who loves them.

I went with a columnar stack to show how art can fit onto those awkward narrow spaces between windows, on either side of an entryway door, or narrow corner.

Just a foot wide, and three feet tall, is all that's needed to fit these artworks. Each in a metal frame, with a little gold and silver bling!

Plus a reminder to have Joy in your day.

Looking for something a little more traditional?

I was thinking the dining room with One and a Half Oranges and Clementine Trio.

I appreciate a little white around the clementines' painting, lets that dish stand out.

But for the oranges, Dark and Bold was the aim, while still sitting nicely with the clementine painting.

Ready to bring the flower garden inside?

This Mixed Floral is setup to grow, organically. Additional pieces can be added as you grow a collection of art tied together by theme.

Mix-up the frames, the art, and their colors.

Your wall will look like an organic spring flower garden ready to chase the winter blues away.

I'm not a pro at hanging, but found using these trick helps reduce the holes in our walls:

  • paper sized to the frame

  • mark the location of the hanger on this paper

  • use painters tape to hang the paper on the wall

  • Start arranging the gallery until it is how you want.

  • Use the marks you made on the paper to nail picture hangers

  • Hang the artwork

  • Enjoy!

You can find the art in the Gallery Wall Collection I created here:

Above is an affiliate link, where I earn a little more, and it costs you no more.

Have Questions, leave them in the comments. Like what you read? Tap the heart.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the gallery tour.

Your Painterly Artist,


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