About Elizabeth

LZBTH Creative Content is the North Alabama studio of Elizabeth Reich, a watercolorist occupied by the world of nature. She loves playing in puddles of color and partnering with the magical and versatile medium of watercolor to interpret the discovery of visual elements of art, and the interplay of these elements, found in the natural world.

She has always had an interest in art and craft. While opportunities to delve into the world of art were not always present, she embraced the ones that were.

In 2000 Elizabeth transplanted from New England, and in 2005 she graduated from the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) with a Bachelors in Art History. Elizabeth began her exploration into watercolor in the Fall of 2014 with Linda Ruhl's Floral Watercolor class at the Huntsville Museum of Art.

Since that time her art has evolved to include: Landscape paintings inspired by and under the guidance of Angela Fehr with additional interest in Jean Lurssen. Still Life with an interest in Jo MacKenzie and Soon Y. Warren. Color Field Paintings inspired by Modern Masters. Mentorships with Ann Moeller Steverson and Terri Shows has broadened her skills.

Other wonderful instructors include: Annie Strack, Yuri Ozaki, Frank Andrus, Kateri Ewing, Mary P. Murphy, and instruction found on Artists Network, Skillshare, BluPrint, and YouTube.